in Sölden

holiday at Ötz Valley

Family Gurschler
Achweg 2 · 6450 Sölden
Tyrol · Austria

T: 0043 5254 2250

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Arrival by car

Coming from the north (Germany):
Without buying a motorway tax sticker: Kempten / Fern Pass / follow the B171 to Imst / Ötztal / Sölden
With a motorway tax sticker: Garmisch–Partenkirchen / Mittenwald / Seefeld / Telfs / take the A12 motorway to the Ötztal exit / Sölden

Coming from the west:
With a motorway tax sticker: Travel through the Arlberg Tunnel (or across the Arlberg Pass) on the A12 motorway; take the Ötztal exit; then follow the road to Sölden

From Salzburg:
With a motorway tax sticker: take the A12 motorway to the Ötztal exit; then follow the road to Sölden

Important information to ensure a safe journey
Take note of the mandatory requirement in Austria to fit winter tyres for your vehicle depending on the weather conditions. In other words, winter tyres are mandatory in winter road conditions from 1st November to 15th April. Snow chains may also be advisable or necessary depending on the snow and road conditions. If you are hiring a car (at the airport), please be sure to specify this.


Arrival by train

Planning your climate-friendly journey to Sölden:
Ötztal Bahnhof is the nearest railway station, approx. 35 km from Sölden. The station is a stop on the Railjet, running from Vienna to Zurich (and back). The railway station in Innsbruck is also an ideal starting point for your holiday in Sölden. There's also a bus every half hour from the Ötztal railway station taking you to Sölden.

More information about travelling by train can be found here:
Train connections & prices of the Austrian Railways (ÖBB)
Train connections & prices of the German Railways (DB)
Train station shuttle

Arrival by plane

Flight schedule Innsbruck airport
Flight schedule Munich airport
Airport shuttle

Parkhotel Sölden
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