Ascents and descents rich in panoramic views

Ski tours in the Ötz Valley

Discover the Ötz Valley mountain landscape away from crowded slopes and well-trodden paths, enjoy the beauty and power of unspoilt nature, conquer the ascent to the summit under your own steam and prepare for unparalleled descents. Experience the allure of the Alps and the special combination of exploring nature and sporting challenges on a ski tour in the Ötz Valley. Both beginners and advanced skiers can conquer the summits on extensive ski tours and impressive transalpine crossings over the main ridge of the Ötztal Alps. You're guaranteed to find your ideal ski tour with local mountain guides.

Ski touring tips

Tours as multifaceted as the Ötz Valley

Stallwies Alm

for beginners

A leisurely ski tour in Sölden to the Stallwies Alm mountain hut with breathtaking views overlooking the surrounding Ötz Valley mountains.
Tip: Homemade ribs and pork knuckle prepared by the hut owner personally.


for advanced skiers

The Kögele is situated at 3,233 metres and is one of the most frequently visited ski touring locations in the Obergurgl surroundings. The level of difficulty is moderate and the difference in altitude is 1,300 metres. Tip: Gondola ride up to the Hohe Mut.

Breiter Grieskogel

for professionals

The ascent from Gries takes you via the hamlet of Winnebach into the Winnebach Valley. The route then continues over the Zwieselbachjoch to the Grieskogelferner and over glacier fractures to the so-called Breiter Grieskogel. The ascent lasts around 5 hours and the elevation change is 1,646 metres. You will be rewarded with a long descent in dreamlike powder snow.

Parkhotel Sölden
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