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Holiday with Your Dog in Sölden

Your four-legged friend is of course also very welcome in our hotel. We do not require anything to be paid for Messi´s - our hotel mops´s friends (we do not charge the masters for the dog´s stay). If wished we will prepare some food for a fee. 

In case you forgot the water and food bowls we will be happy to help you. We work together with the  "dog whisperer" Manfred from Sölden. Dog kennels are just 4 km away.

Directly in front of the hotel there is a footpath with dog stations. In the garden, in front of the terrace, there is a place where you can take your dog out. Your friend can move freely in the hotel (under the supervision or on a leash, except the sauna and the restaurant).

If you would like to have your four-legged friend with you while eating we can reserve a table in the hotel bar for you (right to the restaurant).

Dog Regulation in Austria

In order to be ready for your holiday with a dog we prepared a short summary of the dog regulation in Austria.

Dog Leashes or Muzzles

You must have a leash and muzzle with you on your holiday in Austria. There is (still) no country-wide law at the moment which would order this duty. But generally the Upper Austrian Law on Dog Keeping is to be taken into account.

Short extract from the Code of Law on Keeping of Dogs

The Leash and/or Muzzle Duty
In the municipality there is the leash OR muzzle duty. In case it is requested, but on the bus stops, public transportation, at schools and kindergartens, playgrounds as well as big public areas such as shopping malls, swimming areas and events there is always the leash AND muzzle duty.

The municipality can issue its own regulations about:

  • where the leashes and muzzles are not necessary (so-called free-running areas)
  • where the leash and muzzle duty is to be taken into account
  • where, in generally, the dogs are not allowed to enter (so-called dog-free areas)
  • where even outside the municipality dogs must be on a leash or with a muzzle

If travelling with a dog on a holiday you must have the pet passport with you and a vaccination card issued by a vet which states that the dog has a valid rabies vaccination. Puppies must be at least 3 months old for the valid rabies vaccination. In case that one more vaccination is necessary, the pet should be injected 30 days before the beginning of the holiday. We are sure that your vet will give you the best advice.